Prototype updated

Initial setup

Its the case that,  no player is detected. The display simulate how user can interact with display or how user can start the game.

The following two figures shows a blanking hand for a  fake user, simply it simulates how the display works.

1. Initial Setup

2. When the display detects a player…

Starts a countdown timer.

3. The actual user starts to play the game.

The user sees the challenge in its right hand side.

Computes it and finds the result among various deceptive targets.

4. User selects the right target by gesture.

As soon as the user selects the target anther challenge comes up.

5. User tries to selects the right target.

Heart of the player indicates its life time and its limited for 90 secs.

6. When you hats the wrong target.

Then miss counter increases.

7. As soon as the times up players receives the feed back including a state message, such as Excellent, Awesome.

In the mean time user can replay the game.

8. When user leaves the game, the display goes to its initial setup and welcomes a new player.


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