How The Game Works …

The game creates a challenge”A simple mathematic calculation” for player. then the player has to solve it and select the target among other deceptive targets. The faster player pushes the target, the more challenge he/she gets to solve and the higher score he/she achieves. Time of this game is limited to 90sec and player should show effort to hit the right target as soon as he detects it.

At the beginning when there is no player, the computer or ” Display ” plays the game by its own “demo”, because the game is hosted in a public places and player should get idea how to interact with display.

When the game detects a player buy standing in front of the camera fixed in front of the display, the game changes its state from Demo which is the initial state to detect player and starts the game to him/her.

If the user leaves the game before 90 sec from starting the game, the game changes its state t demo again and if the player comes back, its detected as new player. There is no history saved for a player because its designed to be placed in public area.

When player plays the game till end, after 90 sec when the game overs, it goes to result state and displays the feed back to player. If the player wishes to play again, the same procedure takes place.

Difficulty Level of the game

The strategies for managing the game difficulty is based on user performance.
When player hits 3 times the game change its mode and goes to normal mode. if player hits the right target 2 time one after the other, then the game change its state to clever mode.

If the player does two times miss it goes back one level, if he/she is in initial setup “simple mode” stays the same level.

The following diagram illustrates the game difficulty levels

Simple mode :

binary operation [ +, – ] and the target upper bound 30

Normal mode:

binary operation [ +, -, / ] and the target upper bound 100

Clever mode:

ternary operation [ +, -, / ] and the target upper bound 100


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