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Welcome to enjoy interaction:

This blog is part of a project in MPI course. In this project we will build a display which user can play a simple, mathematic base game. User can interact with the display by gesture.

This game addresses youth generation. This display is designed to setup in waiting area such as bus stop, train stations and so on, to keep passengers  entertain. When a player stand in front of the display, it gets a challenge ( a simple mathematic question to be calculated in mind  ) then it selects the target ( the solution of that mathematic question ) among various deceptive targets.

In this blog all the phases from scratch till implementation of a public display will be discussed and progress about the project will be posted each week.

kind regards,

enjoy interaction team

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Our team

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  1.  Mohammad Rafi Bahez ( computer science )
  2.  Ahmad Siar Mehri ( computer science )
  3.  Martin Horst (Electronic Engineering)

public display mindmap

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